Dear Long-traveled Soul,

Welcome to this Sacred container for current and emerging Benevolent Sovereign Leaders, trailblazers, and wayshowers to become the Creator/Creatrix of your Haven* on Earth.
This is the place to embody your
Higher Self as a blessing to yourself and humanity to live your Legacy of Love on Earth.

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Choose your journey below

self-paced introductory journey


It was recorded as a Live event on February 14-16

Going beyond the myths that are holding you back

to walking the Path of Grace:

- I’m not ready yet

- I don’t know how

- Others are already doing what I do, so why even bother

- I don’t feel safe to be seen

- I don't trust myself with my power

- My Vision is too big for me, where do I even start

Introducing The Path of Grace 3-Day Experiment from the one of not knowing and trying to figure it out to the one of focus and determination through consciously aligned action.

self-paced, foundational journey

Alongside Isis, Hathor, and Green Tara, Anna and JJ will lead you on a journey to rediscover your true self as a Child of Creation and help you reconnect with the purpose you've chosen for this existence.

This journey offers a powerful pathway to reconcile your divinity with your humanity, by surrendering to your own conscious choice to incarnate here on Earth.

You will be able to forgive yourself for all unconscious choices to suffer or participate in the collective experiment instead of creating your Haven on earth.

This is an invitation to embrace your multidimensionality, return to your divine sovereignty, and become a blessing for both yourself and humanity.

intermediary - advanced LIVE journey


  • This is a three-month advanced Sacred Initiation Journey to create the foundations of your Haven* on Earth as a landing pad for your Legacy of Love.
  • Create fertile soil and plant the seeds for your creations for this year.
  • Bonus: You can choose to focus on a project or one specific area of your life that is in season for you.
  • 3 Live Mentorship calls and Support & Community Telegram group.

Meet JJ

💫 Multidimensional Light Language Channel of cosmic, elemental, and angelic aspects of Source

🌟 Soul Template Activation Guide at the individual and collective level, working in and through the Akasha

✨ Divine Sophia Oracle helping souls to connect to their original soul blueprint

Meet Anna

✨ Multidimensional Divine Channel & Spiritual Guide

☀️ Overlighting Presence for long-traveled souls to come back home to their inner union and communion

⚡️Highest Destiny Path Activator for trailblazers and way-showers on a path of benevolent leaders

🕊️ Certified Sophia Circle Leader

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